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        Vice Mayor of Hulunbeier City went to Yaxing Coal Mine to supervise the work of safety production

        On March 1st, Han Liping, deputy mayor of Hulunbeier, led Cao Chengjia, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, and Han Chaobo, director of the Economic and Technological Development Branch of the Municipal Emergency Bureau, accompanied by Shi Jinhai, member of the Standing Committee of yakeshi Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor of the municipal government, and leaders of the Municipal Emergency Bureau, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Bureau of Culture, Sports, Tourism, Radio and Television and the Bureau of Natural Resources, to supervise the work safety in Yaxing Coal Mine. Han Zhi, general manager of the group company, Liu Changsong, chief engineer, Yao Zhenwen, head of Yaxing Coal Mine, and other leaders greeted the inspection.

        At the meeting, General Manager Han Zhi gave a brief introduction to the historical evolution, development status, personnel integration, coal quality management, mine service life, safety production implementation and social responsibility performance of the Group Company.

        Vice Mayor Han Liping fully affirmed the achievements made by the Wujiu Group in work safety. She said that the leadership of the Wujiu Group has firm goals in safety management, key management and control, development direction and endogenous motivation. Under the excellent situation of the coal market, we can still pay close attention to major risks and hidden dangers, correctly understand from the core, grasp safety as a whole, fundamentally solve problems, and compact the main responsibility of enterprises.

        Vice Mayor Han Liping emphasized that the responsibility of production safety is more important than anything, and enterprises should carry out comprehensive, in-depth and thorough inspections of production safety in the mining field with a sense of urgency and a sense of responsibility of "never relaxing" to effectively prevent and resolve all kinds of potential risks. It is necessary to profoundly learn the lessons of recent domestic production safety accidents, keep a close eye on the key points and major hazards of potential safety hazards, and conduct major investigations and rectification activities by analogy. It is necessary to do a good job in safety production during the "two meetings", compact the responsibilities at different levels, refine and improve the responsibility system for safety production in Baobao Coal Mine, effectively enhance the political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action consciousness of doing a good job in safety production, promote various safety production work with unconventional measures, ensure that 'both hands are grasped and corrected', and safeguard the safety of people's lives and property and the overall stability of society.

        Shi Jinhai, deputy mayor of yakeshi, said that we will do a good job in the implementation of the main responsibility, analyze the problems from the perspectives of risk identification, assessment mechanism and personnel ideological stability, focus on outstanding problems, common problems and deep-seated problems, classify and formulate targeted safety precautions, implement them strictly and carefully, unconditionally help enterprises solve problems, weave and build a safe production defense line, and lay a good foundation for long-term stability of enterprises.

        Subsequently, Vice Mayor Han Liping, accompanied by leaders such as Shi Jinhai and Han Zhi, visited the dispatching room of Yaxing Coal Mine to learn more about the production and personnel distribution of underground intelligent working face.


        Author: Guo Jianhui

        Editor: song Ying

        Proofread by: Zhu Ruiquan

        Reviewed by: Wang Li

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        Zip code:200120

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