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        Wujiu carries out the safety inspection and acceptance work of mine resumption

        January 29th is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday of the group company. In order to ensure the safe and orderly resumption of production in the mine, on the morning of the same day, Liu Changsong, chief engineer of the group company, and Di Chenglin, deputy general manager, respectively led the inspection and acceptance team to conduct on-site inspection and acceptance of the post-holiday resumption of production in Yaxing Coal Mine and Shengli Coal Mine.

        In the two mines, the inspection team went deep into all points above and below the well, and made an all-round and large-scale inspection of the safety status of major systems such as mining, excavation, machinery, transportation and communication. In view of the hidden problems found in the inspection, the rectification requirements were put forward to the mine on the spot. At the same time, it is required that the two mines should plan ahead and make careful arrangements, formulate the post-holiday safety production work plan and comprehensive measures in advance, increase the investigation and management of potential safety hazards, and ensure the safety of the production system, equipment and facilities in good condition, on-site management in place and resumption of production. It is necessary to carefully organize the "first lesson of starting work", dilute the festive atmosphere, enhance the overall awareness, responsibility awareness and responsibility awareness of managers at all levels, and educate employees to improve their understanding of safety. Guide everyone to overcome the holiday inertia, quickly adjust from the "holiday mode" to the "work mode", concentrate on their work, devote themselves to their new jobs with a high-spirited spirit and full work enthusiasm, and ensure that people are on the job, in place and in the state, ensure a "steady start" after the holiday, and strive for a "good start" in the first season.

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