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        Corporate Culture

        We developed business in Asia / Europe / Australia / America / Central and South America, covering meat processing, international trade, aviation manufacturing, coal mining, equity investment and many other industries.

        Corporate Image

        Video of 2014 Review

        We were founded in 1988, restructured into a joint-stock enterprise in 1992, and successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1994. From Hainan to Shanghai, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, and then return to where we started, we remember "Pioneering, Innovating and Creating" through trials and difficulties, drawn a blueprint for strategic development at home and abroad and has become a multinational comprehensive enterprise group. Our industries now include meat processing, international trade, aircraft manufacturing, coal mining, etc., which has laid a good foundation for the upgrading and sustainable development of Sundiro.

        ActivitiesSince its founding, Sundiro has attached great importance to the construction of corporate culture, and is committed to creating a vigorous, rigorous, and efficient living and working environment from both material and spiritual aspects. We call this "Homeland Culture". While holding all kinds of wonderful activities, the construction of "homeland culture" in Sundiro has also been recognized by the society and the government.

        Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions went to Wujiu Coal Group to carry out "send cool and heatstroke prevention" condolence activities.

        Wujiu Coal Group held a party to celebrate the "July 1st" and the 65 anniversary of the construction of the mine.

        Address:03-06, 40th floor, China Life Financial Center, 88 Yincheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai
        Zip code:200120

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